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Are you looking to improve your Spanish communication skills, get paid for teaching English, expand your professional relationships, and have many amazing weekends while exploring the most important tourist destination of the Caribbean?

We have the perfect fit in the Dominican Republic

Build Lasting Relationships

Dominext offers a unique way to grow your Spanish skills while gaining international work experience to stand out in the crowded job market. Our program focuses on giving you the opportunity to learn or practice the Spanish language and add value to your resume working as an English teacher abroad!

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Many students and recent graduates are terrified of public speaking. With this program you will have the opportunity to get a good amount of training hours in front of others and a chance to improve your overall communication skills in both, English & Spanish.

In the globalized economy of the 21st century, having international work experience such as Teaching English Abroad is like gold on your resume. You will prove to future employers your ability to adapt to a new environment, work across cultural & linguistic barriers, and to stretch yourself beyond your “comfort zone”. You will also have a great opportunity to learn a foreign language.

Creative thinking, flexibility, time management, patience and conflict resolution are just a few honorable mentions.

Every participant will be able to put into practice his/her knowledge of the Spanish language and take up to 3 hours of low-cost weekly class.

This opportunity will immerse you in a completely different culture and way of life. This translate to a deeper understanding of different people and the larger world that we live in.

With intense experiences come intense friendships and memories. The people you meet, the places you see and things you experience are likely to be more vivid and trans formative than what you would experience by spending another year at home.

Teaching English abroad gives you the chance to experience true personal growth outside of the classroom.

Who qualifies?

This program is open to anyone whose native language is English and is interested in learning or improving the Spanish language skills. To be part of this cultural and educational work experience abroad, the candidate must be willing to get paid teaching basic English to children and help them develop a passion for this language, must be able to adapt to other cultures and lifestyles, and must have a high sense of responsibility, creativity and cooperation.  

  • No previous teaching experience is required!
  • You do not need to speak Spanish to be accepted.

You will receive special consideration if you have any certifications such as: TEFL, TESL OR TESOL, or if you are a Student in progress or a Professional in Education/Linguistic or related careers.


  • Must have a valid passport.
  • Must apply for a Dominican student Visa. This is a quick and easy process, with a typical turnaround of about 10-15 days (though this can vary). 
  • Must have a comprehensive health and accident insurance.
  • Provide copy of resume.
  • Must sign the Student Agreement and other related documentation provided.
  • Must be energetic, self-motivated, responsible, and open to new ideas.
  • Must be in good health condition and have no criminal record.

Make Friends and discover new places

Make Friends And Discover New Places

Program Highlights

  • Previous work experience is not required.
  • We offer paid hands-on training opportunities. The money you earned can be used to recoup your investment or to enrich your international experience.
  • Low housing, transportation and meal cost.
  • One week intensive training prior to the start of teaching classes and ongoing training thereafter.
  • All course teaching materials and textbooks will be provided. You will impact a generation of children, teens, and adults. 
  • Plenty of opportunities to travel around the country to amazing destinations.
  • You are not required to speak the Spanish language to qualify for this program. You will have the opportunity to take up to 3 hours of Spanish class per weeks.
  • We provide Visa assistance. This is a quick and easy process.
  •  Airport pick up.
  • Full Support from our staff. We will provide an in-country orientation meeting to receive important information about your teaching job, the city, transportation and places of interest.

Your Placement

This program involves working in a private bilingual school of the Dominican Republic where you will be able to share and collaborate with professionals in the area. All positions will be available in the most important cities of this Caribbean country and the participants will have enough free time to carry out activities of their interest, explore the country, or even to take low cost Spanish class if desired.

As an English teacher, you would be responsible for engaging and helping students achieve their English-language goals while sharing your enthusiasm for learning in a fun environment. You can expect to gain in-depth knowledge about the education system in the Dominican Republic and see first-hand the value your background and abilities can bring to interactions with your co-workers, students and their parents. In addition, all candidates will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of free training courses and obtain valuable certifications as part of the regular training that local teachers receive throughout the year.

Additional Information


3 Month Program

$ US$890
  • US$250 Application Fee.
  • US$640 Placement Fee.
  • We Accept All Major Credit Cards.

6 Month Program

$ US$1,390
  • US$250 Application Fee.
  • US$1,140 Placement Fee.
  • We Accept All Major Credit Cards.

What is not included?

  • Airfare to/from the Dominican Republic. We will provide instructions in purchasing plane tickets.
  • Daily meals and transportation. We will provide valuable information about this topic during your orientation day.
  • Housing cost. We will assist you to prearrange your accommodation before traveling.
  • Passport/Visa related fees.
  • Medical/accidental insurance cost.
  • Personal pocket money and transportation cost.
  • The cost to take 3 months of Spanish class (3 hours/weeks) is approximately US$ 450.00 and is also not included. We will assist you to get enrolled in this course the first week after arrival.   
  • Cost to participate in local travel excursions, entertainment or weekend getaways.

Application Process


Getting started is as easy as taking two minutes to fill out and submit your personal and contact details  through our application form. Please don’t forget to upload a copy of your resume.


We will review your application and eligibility requirements. Shortly after this, you will receive and email with important details about the application process. Have questions? please feel free to reply to this email or schedule a phone call to speak with one of our representative.

conference call

All qualified candidates will be invited to a conference call with the employer in the Dominican Republic. Use this time to make yourself known, talk about your skills and demonstrate your desire to participate in the program.


You will receive a signed and stamped confirmation letter by the employer. It is extremely important to note that you are not yet considered a participant in the program until you have confirmed your participation by “committing” to the program and paying all required initial fees.


Create a user name and password to access your private space ” My Account”. Pay the Application and Placement Fees, download, sign and return all required documents to 

We Accept All Major Credit Cards!


Obtain your Dominican Republic Student Visa, receive your housing and traveling information, book your flight, arrive, attend to an in-country orientation session and begin your new life at the heart of the Caribbean! 


contact info

Phone Numbers

For English, please dial: 1-704-850-8557 / En Español, marque: Tel. 1-809-382-2776 / What's App 1-829-966-7301

Email Adress

Headquarter Address

Calle Vicente Estrella #3, Santiago, Dominican Republic, 51000.

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