Food & Transportation

Daily Meals:

Your daily meals may not be included in the program selected, however, you will have the opportunity to place your orders in a number of restaurants that will make the delivery free of charge. You may also be able to prepare your own food at home which will help you save a lot of money, depending on the housing option selected. During the initial orientation day, you will receive information of the best restaurants, including their locations and phone numbers. In addition, we will show you where the best supermarkets in town are and our local representatives will be available to assist should you need it.


The transportation cost is not included in any of our programs, but the Dominican Republic has a safe and reliable transportation system in place. However, we recommend the use of Taxis or Ubers at all times. These units will take you to your destination quickly and inexpensively. We will also give you relevant information on this topic during your initial orientation day. 

Please visit our website and confirm if the program of your preference includes daily meals and transportation or send us a message to before submitting your application.